What we do

Vehicle Rescue is the discipline of responding to and extricating victims from motor vehicle and related incidents.  Vehicle incidents present the risk of entrapping victims, and without rapid treatment, can present life-threatening complications from a victim's injuries.

The Vehicle Rescue team responds with specialized equipment designed for stabilizing and disassembling automobiles and other machinery.  


The starting point for vehicle rescue training is a weekend course that teaches technicians how to manage an accident scene, proper procedures, use of safety equipment, and how to use the variety of tools we carry to perform extrication.

Advanced training is available that covers farm machinery extrication, school bus extrication, and big rig rescue and recovery.  Every accident scene is different, and each of these scenarios requires a different approach.  These courses build the fundamental skills needed to address any rescue.

How to get involved

Send an application to personnel@blacksburgrescue.org. You can also come by our station M-F 9am-5pm to get a form or deliver in-person.

If you are not interested in providing Emergency Medical Care as an EMT, we have a special membership category for Technical Rescue Membership. 

For more information, please contact our Deputy Chief of Special Operations, Tom Lovejoy at tomlovejoy@blacksburgrescue.org.

Learn more about our squad

Our squad proudly serves the Town of Blacksburg and parts of Montgomery County with free emergency medical care 24/7. We house over 90 members who volunteer their time to make this possible. 

We have a number of membership categories for those looking to serve and many options for how everyone can participate and support our operations.