More than medical services.

Our special operations teams get people out of situations that require technical rescue training and specialized equipment. 


Man rescued after fall from Cascades

Blacksburg Rescue, in conjunction with Giles Rescue, responded after a college student fell 75ft at the falls. Our special operations division belayed the patient across turbulent water, set up technical ropes pulley system to move the patient up a steep incline, and drove him to safety with our all terrain vehicles.  

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Search and rescue drone finds elderly man

A 92 year old man went missing in the woods after a hiking expedition. Many local search and rescue groups participated in the search efforts including our own SWVaMRG team. Many people were put on the ground, but the man was found first by a drone, which identified the subject's hunter orange cap. 

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Two children rescued after fall through the ice 

Blacksburg Rescue was dispatched after witness saw children walking on the ice and one fall through. Our water rescue specialists donned special equipment and safely crossed the ice to make contact with the patients. Each patient was warmed and moved to safety in a stokes basket, belayed across the ice.  

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Teen suffers back injury jumping into water at Montgomery Co. quarry

Blacksburg Rescue moved the patient from the bottom of the quarry with a vertical technical rescue. The special operations division was tasked with moving the patient up a 50ft cliff as well as caring for the patients physical injuries. 

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