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When seconds count, it is important that emergency services are able to find your location. If EMS, Fire, or Police are responding to your home; visible address numbers will save time and can save lives. Please inspect your address markings with a critical eye to make sure that we will be able to find your home.

While every locality has differing codes for proper marking of homes, emergency services find it helpful when

  • Numbers and letters are at least four inches tall

  • Numbers and letters contrast greatly with their background

  • There is a light source clearly illumination address markings at night

Some other things to think about as you inspect your home's markings

  • Can they be seen from all directions?

  • Is all landscaping and shrubbery around the markings trimmed?

  • If the address numbers are on your mailbox, is the mailbox next to your driveway?

Easily visible:

Easily visible


Needs help




One of the most important pieces of information we need when caring for a patient during a medical emergency is the medical history. The medical history provides us with past and current medical conditions, medications, and allergies and greatly helps aid us in caring for the patient and reduces the time needed on scene. This is also one of the easiest things that you as a community member can prepare a head of time for you and your family.  

Please fill out the following form, print it out, and put it in a location where you can easily and quickly get to it in an emergency:



BVRS Community Resource Reference Card

BVRS is responsible for emergency medical services. If you have an emergency, dial 911.

If you have non-emergent medical services, the BVRS Community Resource Reference Guide can provide information on commonly asked for services.  We recommend printing this reference card along with the medical history form and keeping in it an easily assessable location, a fridge door, for example. 




BVRS participates in many large events throughout the calendar year.  One of our biggest events that we host annually is our Open House, which is held in the spring. With this event we allow the community to come into our station and see how we operate on a day to day basis and we also do several demonstrations. One of our most popular demonstrations is the car cutting held this day, where members who are certified in extrication demonstrate how to safely stabilize a car and then cut the car to help rescue someone. At this event we also do CPR demonstrations and educate children on how to call 911, all while giving ambulance tours and providing lunch for all who come.

The second big event is Wheels and Wagons held at First and Main, where we have ambulances, crash trucks, all terrain vehicles and responders open to the public. This event is a great time to come out and see all of our vehicles and meet our members!

BVRS participates in the International Street Fair, Fork and CorkSummer Solstice, Independence Day Festivities, Steppin' Out and many more! 


Standby Requests

BVRS is a key in providing standby coverage for Blacksburg High School.  BVRS also covers every Virginia Tech Football home game and has two crews on the field to provide care to those injured on the field. Throughout the year BVRS covers numerous standbys and participates in all events held by the Town.

If you would like our team at your Blacksburg event, please complete the standby request form. 

Completed standby forms will be reviewed to ensure proper staffing and evaluate the
request. You will be contacted by our Community Relations Manager if further information is
needed and to work out the appropriate level of coverage for your event. Please understand
our station is always staffed to answer 9-1-1 calls and if your event is small or low-risk, a
standby might not be necessary.

Stand by requests must be completed 2 weeks prior to the event.