What we do

Emergency Medical Response is a core function of BVRS. Medical emergencies happen every day, and we have EMS crews staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond to these emergencies. We provide basic and advanced life support treatment and transport to the emergency room.  

We operate 6 ambulances and 2 quick response vehicles in order to provide the most efficient care possible. We stock a variety of the latest devices to provide high quality care including cardiac monitors that can transmit to the emergency department, the Lucas chest compression system, and the Stryker power-load system.  



BVRS is very proud of its emphasis on training and it is a big part of our day to day operations. We encourage our members to seek as much training in their areas of interest as possible.

EMS providers are required to take continuing education classes throughout the year. BVRS offers at least 10 classes a year that help our members collect the hours needed. We draw from a large pool of instructors that include doctors, flight medics, and our own members who have specialized training. We also send many of our members to Rescue CollegeConvention and EMS Symposium each year.

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How to get involved

Our squad proudly serves the Town of Blacksburg and parts of Montgomery County with free emergency medical care and technical rescue services 24/7. We house over 200 members who volunteer their time to make this possible. 

We have a number of membership categories for those looking to serve and many options for how everyone can participate and support our operations.