How to become a member

Are you interested in becoming a member? We have a variety of membership levels requiring various amounts of hours. Find out more about our membership categories here. By becoming a member of BVRS, you will be an instrumental part in allowing us to provide emergency medical care to the town of Blacksburg and parts of Montgomery County while making a big difference in your local community.

The first step in joining our squad is to fill out a membership application. You can either mail it our address or email it to We also strongly encourage you to schedule a ride along so that you can get a glimpse into what it takes to be an EMT at our agency. These can be scheduled through, before, or during your application process. If your application is accepted, you will go through a 6 month precepting program in which you will complete training on our protocols and daily operations and be tested on a number of different calls on the ambulance. 

Not yet an EMT?

If you are interested in joining our membership but aren't yet an EMT, we would love to help you get there. Our squad puts a limited number of new members through the EMT class every Fall and Spring. Get more information by filling out our membership application and contacting