BVRS is very proud of its emphasis on training and it is a big part of our day to day operations. We encourage our members to seek as much training in their areas of interest as possible. Since most of our members have to take time away from their “real” jobs to obtain EMS related training, BVRS covers the costs of applicable training to its members.

EMS providers are required to take continuing education classes throughout the year. BVRS offers at least 10 classes a year that help our members collect the hours needed. We draw from a large pool of instructors that include doctors, flight medics, and our own members who have specialized training. We also send many of our members to Rescue CollegeConvention and EMS Symposium each year.

Because of our emphasis on training, BVRS owns a variety of different training tools. It is typical for our members to be found with a room full of mannequins and tools practicing for real life emergencies when not answering calls. 

BVRS does at least one training a year to simulate a large scale disaster within the Town of Blacksburg or Montgomery County. These drills help us prepare to interface with other public safety entities as well as the transportation and public works departments.

Probate Precepting

Every new member and every member that advances to a higher level of care must go through a rigorous precepting program. This program is a combination of hands-on skills and demonstration of a full understanding of our operational protocols. Only after a probate or preceptee proves that they are competent and comfortable with providing patient care are they allowed to practice in the back of an ambulance.

Special Operations

BVRS provides technical rescue services in addition to EMS. This means that we extricate patients from crushed vehicles, collapsed buildings, and collapsed ditches. We also rescue people from falls that require rope skills. While HTR training is not required for every member, we do encourage everyone to find their own niche in technical rescue, if they are interested.